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Hello! My name is Tiffany and I enjoy creating web sites and applications that engage the user and provide useful information to the end user. My tools of choice are HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery but I can also build with the full stack utilizing skills like Node.js, Apache, MongoDB and MySQL. I enjoy improving sites and applications and constantly find websites that need a facelift, especially those geared toward nonprofits. You can find me at meetups to stay up to date in the industry and particularly events geared toward women in tech and volunteering at Bold Idea in an effort to keep the next generation interested and excited about code.

Have more time? Read my full story below or watch my journey into video series on youtube

My story starts in 2008 when a friend of mine was working on the computer and told me she was making the website for our student organization at the time. She later on told me about Management Information Systems and meet with the advisor for more information. The next day, I spoke with an advisor who told me that I should take a class over the summer at a community college. That summer I learned to create programs using C++ and got excited about what could be created by technology, I enrolled in the Management Information Systems program at my school (Texas A&M University-Commerce) where the curriculum mixed Computer Science with Business courses.

Throughout my time in college, I was learning PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS and ASP.Net and I enjoyed mostly every moment. After college, I thought I would land a job in the tech industry but it turns out if you don't have ANY experience no one will give you second look. I continued life finding employment at TxIS were I was laid off and Torchmark where I was a Data Integrity Analyst, reviewing reports, helping out with month end costing (data entry) and researching mainframe for missing information. Throughout my time being employed, I explored learning to code on my own online at Codecademy, Treehouse, SoloLearn and FreeCodeCamp as well as attending meetups like Girl Develop It and Women Who Code.

After three years at Torchmark, I decided it was time to follow my passion of being a developer, so I applied and got accepted into a coding bootcamp called Coding Dojo and ultimately, left my position at Torchmark to start a new journey. While at the Dojo, I learned Full Stack Development skills in the LAMP, MEAN and Ruby on Rails stack including using frameworks such as CodeIgniter, AngularJS, JSON and RESTful web applications.

There's so many avenues that can be explored through technology but I've decided to lay my hat (at least for right now ;)) in Front End Development. I realized that I was always going on to sites and looking to see how the interface looked and how easy/difficult it was to get to different information. I know there is still so much to learn and am confident that I can pick things up quickly because of being in the coding bootcamp where we are learning so much in a small amount of time.

I am currently seeking out a new opportunity to utilize my newly acquired skills. If you're looking to hire a developer who is excited about the industry and ready to jump in to contribute to get things done, I'm who you should call.

Technical Skills

Proficient In:

HTML5 logo

Tools I Use:


Working Knowledge of:

MEAN Stack

Mongo DB

Ruby on Rails


Personal Projects

Power of 4

Power of 4

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP Project Details: I worked with a group of 3 other women to create a portfolio. This site is meant to be the first in many projects together - Our website which would house our portfolio. I organized the meetings, created the table template for the portfolio page to add future projects and used PHP to allow a user to send us an email. I'm currently working on building out the about us page.



Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery for Rock-Paper-Scissors Project Details: A user inputs the amount of time they wish to play, upon clicking the button, the options of rock-paper-scissors are shown. After the user selects their choice, the computer selects a random choice. The score is updated based on whether the user won, lost or it was a draw. The user continues to chose an option until the timer runs out after which, it is show whether the user won or lost the game. A button appears as an option for the user to play again using the same time they entered before, the score is cleared and options reappear allowing the user to play again. This process continues until the user decides they are finished playing.

Rails Book Store

Rails Books

Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Materialize Project Details: A user can register/login, add a new book, see all the books in the database, show a book, and update or delete a book but only if they created it.

Mini Mean store

Mini Mean Store

Technologies Used: Angular JS, MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js Project Details: A user can add a customer, delete a customer. On the Products partial, a user can add a new product. For the orders partial a user can order a product based on the customers in the database (from the customers page). Finally, a user can view the dashboard which has a list of the most recent customers, orders and products in the database.

Some of My Interests


Guests of the Code Newbie Podcast come on to talk about their coding journey as far as what obstacles they've faced, hurdles they climbed and what work they are doing now.

The show's host, Maurice Cherry, interviews the world's Black industry creatives such as graphic designers, web designer and web developers to get an insight into how they stepped into the industry, any hardships they came across as well as what they are doing now and what they hope to achieve in the future.

Trav and Los are professional designers/developers. Their podcast touches on professional and life topics. I enjoy tuning into this podcast to hear the life topics, they relate to things that web developers need/should know within the workplace.

Other Interests:

Currently I'm enjoying making youtube videos about my tech journey and teaching basic website fundamentals.

I enjoy listening to music, dancing, live music, reading blogs about web development or tech and going to meetups especially those geared toward females in tech.

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